Veggie Tales: Starting My Veggie Garden

It has been like, a million years since I last wrote a blog, and I am so happy to be back! Recently, I have started a veggie garden. (Hence, the name Veggie Tales) I am just here to tell you everything that has happened so far. Firstly, it’s a raised bed garden, so it looks all neat and tidy. We built it last Friday, and just today filled it with plants, soil, etc. In the garden, I have a ghost pepper, a jalapeno, fennel, two basil plants, garden beans, lettuce, cucumbers, some sort of squash (Idk what kind it is), a patio tomato plant, okra, and spearmint. I’m pretty sure that’s all. We transplanted most of them, but some of them are started with seeds. Some of these plants aren’t even in season, so I’m crossing my fingers gets something grows. I’m new to this whole gardening thing, so if you have any tips, please let me know down below:) I while include a picture of it farther down as well.

Buying Everything

So, at first we went to the local nursery. Of course, the first place I went was to the seeds, only to be told the plants I was considering growing were out of season. The lady directed us to the back where there were plants, we only bought two basil plants, and a fennel plant. We also ended up buying some cow manure (💩) and some cheap organic soil. We needed about 8 bags of soil to fill up the 4 foot x 4 foot bed. We got home and filled it up, then planted the fennel and basil. Next, we got back out to go to Lowe’s. We ended up with a monster pack of seeds (which included garden beans, cucumbers, some sort of squash, and lettuce). We ended up getting a ghost pepper plant, jalapeno plant, tomato and spearmint plant. Finally, we headed back home and planted them and watered them.

The Garden:



2019: Quotes to Live By

As the new year begins, it can be difficult to know how you wanna live your life in 2019. So, here are some quotes to live by in 2019.


Goals for the New Year

I’m am not a huge sucker for new years resolutions, but there are things I want to change. A lot has happened since January 1st, 2018, so I am aiming to make this the best year yet!



  • Read More
  • Live Healthier
  • Develop New Hobbies
  • Write Blogs More Frequently
  • Be Confident
  • Make Even More Friends

Whatever your goals are for this year, I hope you can accomplish them. With 2018 finished, I look back on the year, and think about how lucky I am to have people in my life who motivate me, and love me for who I am, and in 2019, I hope I’ll meet many others who I can motivate as well. Happy New Year!

XOXO, Tropicalchick

My Fitness Journey: Starting Off

We all know that it’s hard to get in shape. At least for me. I’ve never thought I was fat, just a little on the heavier side. So, in today’s blog, I will be showing you how I started off my journey!


Down below is the workout that I will be using. I have not started this yet, but will soon. I combined excersises from different workouts to get a little bit of each. I included legs, flat belly, and abs. If there are any other workouts that you think would be beneficial, please email me using the “contact” tab. I’d love to hear what you have! (These are some of the easier excersises.)

Healthy Foods

I have some of my favorite foods in each categories, and ones that I know will be available to me. I think that I’ll be enjoying the fruits more than anything else! Now, unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture for this one. But, down below I have typed each group of food. 🙂

Fruits – strawberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapple, and apples

Veggies – lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower

Protein – chicken, sausage, beans/lentils

Baking Needs – whole wheat flour, dark chocolate chips, honey, maple syrup, olive oil, vanilla extract

Snacks & Grains – hummus, tortilla chips, salsa, trail mix, peanut butter, things with whole wheat, pita bread, brown rice, rolled oats

Feeling Full Faster

These foods give you the freedom to eat delicious foods, but they make you full faster. This way your still enjoying the foods you love, but not eating as much. I have put stars next to the foods that are available to me, and that I enjoy.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post! I will be posting monthly updates, and hopefully seeing an improvement.

XOXO, Tropicalchick

Hand lettering 101: Practicing

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to introduce my new blogging series where I talk to you about Hand Lettering. I am by no means an expert but, wanted to share my knowledge with you! This series will be broken up into parts. Today, I’m writing about hand lettering supplies. The other parts are: Techniques, Tutorials, and Practicing. Unfortunately, this is the last post about Hand Lettering (for this year).

Today, we are talking about practice. Now I’ve heard so many people talk about how practice is the key to everything.

Practice No.1

This is just by practicing your strokes. on every up stroke, you should make thin lines, and on every down stroke, you should make them thick. This is the basis of Hand Lettering. I’ve heard many people also talk about X-Height, ascending line, and descending line. This is great to know for when you practice letters, which leads me to the next practice method.

Practice No.2

This practice method is to write your letters out. Using the X-Height, Ascending line, and Descending line, you can practice your letters. Keep in mind that you can do multiple strokes to make each letter.

Practice No.3

I thought about this while typing up this blog, and it’s to color code your strokes or color code each letter. Because the letters/strokes are different colors, you can identify each individual stroke/letter and realize what you may need to work on.

I hope that this helped you out! I know that it was a short post, but I wanted to make sure that you had all the blog posts to reference! Have a great day. Don’t forget to submit everything for #CreateLove through the “contact” section on both WordPress and my Wix website.

XOXO, Tropicalchick


Hi Guys! I created this #CreateLove page because of everything that is going on in the world. Here I will feature my follower’s diys, quotes, sayings, crafts, and other things that go with the theme. Down below is the criteria your image has to have in order to be put on the #CreateLove page.

• Just send me things that mean love to you!

After each month, I will choose my favorite image, and send you a personal email. This is for fun, and as long as you keep creating, you’ll always have a chance to be featured as the monthly winner. Using the “contact” page, submit your image and I will put it on the #CreateLove page. Please keep in mind that we have to be respectful of other people, so make it appropriate! Bye! 🙂